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01. Inland Trucking

Domestic transport services: Bason offers FCL and LCL Freight Service for...

02. International Freig...

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of international freigh...

03. Sea Freight

Sea freight is a form of transporting cargo by means of transport on the s...

04. Logistics and wareh...

Logistics is the efficient tool for connecting many operations in global v...

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About us

After more than 10 years of operation in the field of freight forwarding, Bason Company understands and senses the needs of all customers when choosing a transportation partner which is to have a new fleet of vehicles, safe and experienced drivers, friendly and attentive transportation staff, and especially competitive costs compared to agencies of higher or equivalent service quality.

In order to do that, Bason Company constantly innovates and upgrades its fleet of transport vehicles, works with railway, river, and sea freight partners to form domestic transport services as well as multimodal transport services. From that, optimize transportation capacity, minimize empty areas on the vehicles to save costs, improve operational efficiency and this is a prerequisite to reduce service prices and create added value for our customers.

We pride on serving our customers with the word "Heart"

With a team of experienced, professional, and dedicated employees, Bason Transport Joint Stock Company will contribute to the success of our customers through the maximum savings of labor, costs, and time for customers.


Becoming a professional company in the field of logistics sustainability, maintaining the highest service standards, timely service and meeting customer needs.

Culture Value

Honesty, integrity, and prestige are our long-term orientations

Bason Logistic Transport

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Bason Logistic Transport

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