Logistics and warehouse rental service

Logistics is an efficient tool for connecting many activities in global value chain including supply, production, circulation, and distribution.

Logistics becomes an important link for utilizing circulation cylce of business production from input raw materials to final products and to end users.

With our experienced, professional and dedicated logistics teams, our logistics services will contribute small part to customers’ successes by saving efforts, costs, and time for our customers.

- Multi-modal transportation

This is the most used mode of transport nowadays, especially in international trade due to the geographical differences between buyers and sellers. Even inside Vietnam, customers also prefer this transport method because of saving transport cost.

We offer FCL and LCL Freight Services which combine among railway, roadway, and seaway. With our prestige and experience in the transportation field as well as professional transport partners, we commit to shipping customers’ goods and cargos in the safe way, time-saving and lowest cost

- Customs clearance services

Nowadays, when economic integration becomes wider, the number of enterprises is increasing rapidly. Many of those already participated in the import and export activities of raw material and goods for not only production processes but also people’s consumption demand. However, some of those enterprises do not have import-export department to deal with import and export issues. Having awareness of that, Bason established an import-export department in order to support enterprises that demand for import-export services at competitive prices and customers’ required time.

With our professional knowledge and profound understanding of the law, we can support and provide our customers with fast and flexible customs clearance and delivery services. Cargos are cleared and shipped with the fastest time.

- Export-import consulting 

In addition to providing logistics services according to customers' needs, Bason is willing to consult any issues related to import-export operations for enterprises that do not have time to update changes and new regulations in international trade in both Vietnam and oversea markets. Bason provide customers with consultation services as follow:

+ Consult in document preparation, customs declarations: ordinary import and export cargos and import-export processing goods

+ Consult in procedure of package import and export for manufacturing enterprises in industrial zones and export processing zones

+ Consult in customs clearance for all types of import-export commodities

+ Consult in the customs declaration, tax calculation, code application, customs pricing, and other relevant tax policies

+ Consult in all related issues about import-export and customs procedures of other countries where Vietnam is going to export to

- Warehouse rental

A warehouse is one of the indispensable infrastructures of any professional logistics service provider. With a view to providing logistics services to customers in all areas, we have built modern warehouse facilities and implemented a number of new warehouse investment projects to provide the most convenient service for our customers and partners.

Our system helps customers improve their distribution system as well as add more value to the chain of activities in order to maximize all benefits and enhance competitiveness.

By understanding and predicting the essentials of logistics and supply chain operations, we provide on-site planning, implementation, and management that create real value for your business, ensure smooth and cost-effective delivery to your customers.

We provide a variety of warehousing services that are compatible with a diversity of cargos and materials.

With a warehouse-scale of over 100,000m2 located in convenient locations (Binh Tan, Tan Tao, Song Than, Dong Nai ...), we commit to providing the most optimal logistics service for all types of cargos to customers. With goods insurance and fire protection, customers can be completely assured when storing goods at Bason Company's warehouses. 

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