Sea Freight

Sea freight is a form of transporting cargo by means of transport on the sea such as vessels, by barge, ... Sea freight was born quite early and appropriates for transporting all kinds of heavy cargos, cargos transported over long distances but no need for fast delivery.

The carrying capacity of the sea freight is often very large and the freight charges are quite low. 

Cargo transportation by sea always ensures the factors that customers need and it is not inferior to other modes of transport, rated as the number one position in freight transport on the world market. There are some advantages brought by sea freight:

  • Transport all types of merchandise required by customers
  • Irrespective of bulky cargo 
  • Do not take a long time for the control and fast circulation 
  • Fast shipping speed, stability, less trouble
  • The biggest advantage of domestic sea freight is the low cost. Therefore, customers can ship goods in large quantities without worrying about the cost of services
  • Shipping in diverse areas

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